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Xel came to us.  She was my soul kitty.  My husband and I were traveling around the west in 2004 and we found her on our way to City of Rocks National Monument.  I saw her tiny body on the side of the road and called for my husband to stop.  I wasn't surprised to find her since I knew she would be there, but I was surprised that her eyes were severely infected and damaged beyond salvation.  We found a local veterinarian who was willing to operate on a 4 week old kitten. Xel survived. We picked up another rescue kitten from the vet and went on our way.  Two weeks later we returned home and Xel and her sister, Burley, joined our family.  Xel lived, grew and thrived for 15 years.  She taught me that magic existed in our world.  Everyone who met her recognized that she was magical.  She passed in 2019 and now her memory lives on in the name of our chocolate company. 

I found chocolate making in Hawaii when we were visiting for my nieces wedding.  We took a cacao farm tour and had a chocolate tasting. I was hooked and began making my own chocolate.  It was popular amongst my friends and family and never lasted long around the house.  Blind Cat Chocolate was born. The Mission of Blind Cat Chocolate is to support cat rescue organizations through the sales of our chocolate as well as to craft an amazing chocolate.  I hope that every bite will remind you that there is magic in this world.